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Equinox Tree Vigil

A 3-day equinox vigil (beginning September 21st) in a tree near my home revealed myself to me. It was luminous to be held by a tree for 3 entire days and nights, to hear the laughter of young people walking home on the trail below late at night, and having the birds surround the tree and me and sing their curiosity about the clumsy creature in the tree. And, it was also physically and spiritually arduous. I was tested further than the overnight vigil I held on the summer solstice. A chant came into being in two versions, which can be listened to by playing the video below. The main line is repeated on the vigil recording between readings of prayers and messages contributed by community.

기억 해 우리가

I Remember We

To read more and listen to the recorded reading of community prayers and messages, click here.


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