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Through an interdisciplinary practice as an artist and spiritual activist, I explore light and color in an ontological space in the materiality of fabric and thread, works on paper, site-specic installation, and performance and present stories of ritual integration and spiritual journeys. This exploration manifests as Soul Umbra – icons materialized from a space unseen. They are precise projections of the soul’s intentions that verbal language cannot articulate, exteriorized into corporeal form. My work is polytonal and uncontained by bifurcation - it explores bicultural and bigendered traits, the liminality of this world and beyond, and carries forward a heritage while simultaneously exploding convention. It challenges dominant narratives and creates inceptive spaces by exploring the porous relationship between truth, beauty, and identity. The work is coming o the walls, integrates personal story and cultural symbols, and inhabits the body. This examination is the outgrowth of continual struggle for safety in body and soul by synthesizing tensions and collapsing genres, spaces, identities, and norms. For example, the sculptural work embodies a shadow space in the seam between painting and sculpture, yet is made of fabric. It intersects sculptural forms and minimalist painting in an inceptive framework, while referencing traditional fiber arts . It combines softness and transparency with the hardness of shaped and solid form. It is female bodied, with masculine spirit and structure. The work challenges the viewer to reconsider the artistic products associated with traditional feminine craft while referencing a masculine heritage. It exists in a state of duality that is familiar yet displaced and evokes conversations that examine perception and process. My approach is one of inquiry and problem solving. I push materials out of normative terrain and integrate intention to germinate hybrid imaginations of form. I work with abstraction and symbol as a gateway into indistinct territories where stories dance and map vibrating elds and imagery from the seenfelt energy of other realms. It is a portal-window into my relationship with spirit allies, the land, somatic insight, and informed by my bicultural heritage and bigender spirit. My practice in ritual border breaking is one of truth seeking and informed by my role as a wounded healer who traverses enclosed boundaries. This is the space of an inceptive center - one that relies on tradition while it simultaneously seeks to create new inheritances and pathways for healing.

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