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나의 형체 (This is the Shape of Me) - 우리 형체 (This is the Shape of We)

This is video of a ceremony that took place on February 12, 2022 both in-person and through Zoom. It was intended to integrate distinct bodies of work through a somatic performance that includes movement, drumming, language, symbols, and my cultural inheritance as a bicultural Korean woman born and living outside of Korea.

The ceremony creates a middle space between the artist and viewer, language and symbol, and acknowledges a kinetic relationship to the soul. It explores a hybrid space where the boundaries between you and me become we.

The title of my show was 나의 형체 (This is the Shape of Me). During the ceremony, I demonstrated what my shape is. I asked the viewer to bridge the space between us and become instead: a participant. I asked that we create 우리 형체 (This is the Shape of We). My family participated as drummers, orators, shadow boxers, soul risers, shape-shifters, and by providing care and support through the process.


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