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A Beautiful Disintegration

These are some of the beautiful things that I was told the site-specific thread installation, Our Light Takes Shape in the Dark (the body illuminates, and the shape of me and you becomes we) reminded people of.

A black hole


Gamma rays

A wide stance

An illuminated field

Stars in the cosmos

Divine mercy


A hug

Taking it down was an act of joy. It is joyous to honor the ephemerality of our existence. The threads danced when they were cut, and it was a reminder that we are all fleeting and can exist in a state of joy even in demise.

There is a dance among and between the colors and among and between us that we often miss. We miss it because we forgot that the universe expands and contracts, just as we do with every breath. When we release the tension of a fixed and predictable outcome, our intention and beliefs can recalibrate our realities. We can see the dance of the energy unbound. This is the fine and grain-like energy held in packets, traveling in particles and waves, that quantum physics describes. It is where the particles become strings that become waves that collapse into a new shape.

This cutting of the threads reminded me that our reality lies in our interaction to stimuli. We do not exist without each other, without one force enacting up on another, or without impact on one another. And quantum physics also tells us that the observer of the energy changes reality too… it is as if the particles and strings know of one another. They remember one another, and lie entangled in joy after the act of release.

Video and images by Takeo Royer.


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