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Brooklyn Rail - s(he), (he)r, we: An exquisite-corpse style proposal for a dialogue on inter-being

On the Critic's Page in the July/Aug 2022 edition of the Brooklyn Rail, Susette Min and Amy Sadao "asked artists, curators, poets, playwrights, scholars and activists a set of questions and invited them to collaborate and contribute a “flash” work of art and/or share an excerpt of a conversation or email exchange in relation to Asian American art and its attendant topics." Over 40 compelling dialogues between Asian American contributors are presented.

My friend and colleague, Sharon Mizota, and I contributed a short proposal for a longer dialogue discussing the missing discourse of spirituality in contemporary art. You can read it here, and stay tuned for the longer dialogue between us.

From Susette Min's and Amy Sadao's contribution, titled Abolition of a Category:

"Over the last several decades, scholars and curators have written about the historical richness and heterogeneity of Asian American art, yet art made by and about Asian Americans has remained for the most part unnoticed, an afterthought, or an oversight, especially in major thematic museum exhibitions and sweeping art histories.

What follows are flash meditations and propositions on Asian American art in which abolition doesn’t mean just dismantling and getting rid of something. The contributions do not necessarily reject or even substitute the category “Asian American art” for something else, what they do is highlight the multi-dimensions and interpretive possibilities of what Asian American is and does, what it can become. Another way to approach this open-ended project is in and through a constellation of contributors who care about each other and Asian American art and its becoming."


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